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Obviously, if the instruction, information, co-ordination, and overall concept of the gorup presentation is poor- then you don't need to ask this question- do some research and stay away from those group things that get bad feedback.

Say, on the other-hand, the lessons and presentation are excellent-- then, still, the answer to going with a group situation is up to you- and must be based on your own personal likes and needs.

Go with a group thing if-- one of your reasons for playing tennis is to meet others and you enjoy the socializing- if you want a sort of introductory experience to a variety of things, if you have a hard time finding hitting partners, if you want to "check out" the instructor before commiting to individual (more costly) lessons, if being with people inspires you to do better than practicing alone.

Go with a more individual approach if- you can afford it, if you dislike the hustle-bustle of crowds, if you are self-motivated, if you are beyond the basics and want to concentrate on specific issues in your game.
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