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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
What's your take on group classes? Cardio tennis, bootcamps, live ball drills, drill play, or just plain ol' group lessons - Are they worthwhile?

Some folks in my area have told me that these classes are super fun, but people don't really learn anything. One guy told me he paid $30 for a 1hr group class, 8 players in the group, they lined up and took turns hitting balls fed to them. This guy even counted how many balls he got to hit during this hour. Turned out to be around 35. That's almost a buck a ball..!

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you all very much.
Group classes are good for cardio tennis from what I have read. That is because the emphasis is on exercise and the group setting keeps you motivated. Think of it as an exercise class.

Group classes are sometimes the only way to get in some tennis if you are on vacation. It is an opportunity to get court time, some tennis, and meet a few people with whom you can play singles later. I have done that in the past and will be doing so next week.

Group classes can be useful for total beginners who are testing the waters.

Otherwise, no. They are a waste of time. Most of the time is spent on running pointlessly or picking up balls. They can also be dangerous, due to players taking swings without looking who is around, and because of stray balls. Some of the "drills" are so full of contrived rules that by the time everyone understands what to do, drill is over.
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