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This evolution stuff that some posters write about makes no sense to me. Evolution doesn't happen that quickly. I read some posters already writing that Sampras wouldn't be a factor today because of the great progress of the sport aka evolution. I'll believe in the evolution of tennis when we find a player with wings and three feet. Overheads will be easy for this player because he or she can fly and he or she will be faster because this human has three feet. Otherwise I think Bill Tilden (6'2" tall and very slim with excellent speed) from the pre 1920's would be able to adapt and play today.
Evolution happens everytime somebody set new standards, you cannot deny that lot of factors changed the game from the beginning, all Nr. 1 have been Nr. 1 with the standards of their own time, therefore to me is stupid to compare different era's, anyhow they were super-athletes and they would have adapted very well to the game of the new eras, i don't doubt that.
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