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Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
would you want him back?
Yes, I would

Mourinho and Guardiola are the best two managers available, but I don't really want Guardiola. Abramovich and Mourinho's personal relationship is great, i'm not too sure how they would get on working together again though!

Originally Posted by christo View Post
This one of the better deals this year, Moses is a terrific player, hard working and has a good sense of where the goal is. Sturridge may be a couple of years away from realizing his potential or he may have stalled, who knows?
This has been a year of some dreadful deals and it's gonna get worse next year when clubs have even more cash to throw at mediocre players.
Why all the noise about Walcott, he is fast, but undersized and not a great shooter so why all the fuss? Sell him off for a ton of dough and Arsene will go find some young Spanish kid to take his place
BTW if you are a Chelsea fan I was on holiday 2 summers ago and went to the Chelsea- Swansea tie (4-1) That was the game where Torres scored a nice goal and then got a straight red for a clumsy challenge LOL. My fondest memory of the game was Drogba making a cameo appearance at the end of the match, he had just recovered from a head injury. He had been on the pitch for about a minute and scored a sublime goal. Magical moment! We may never see another player like him, Torres couldn't hold his jockstrap which may be a clumsy analogy but you get my drift, cheers.
Ahh, I remember that game, you chose a good one to go to

It was the week after Torres scored that great goal against Man Utd at Old Trafford, as you said, he scored early on against Swansea and people were starting to say he was back. The sending off was just another damp squib.

It looks like Sturridge has already had his Liverpool medical, so that's pretty much done. Apparently the deal nearly didn't happen after he got a pen and put into the contract a line saying he has to be played through the middle he is certainly sure of himself.
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