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Originally Posted by Mister drool View Post
i'm guessing someone got dumped by theyr girlfriend tonight...
I'm laughing my head off with this post!!!!!!! No I didn't, but that's funny

No, I mean I started with my son, and I know my past, I mean I try to teach my son for example all court play, baseline, play at the net, and I'm a player, no teacher, I just don't think you can say "Well when the ball comes cut it down for slice", and that will solve it. I can say that, and he gets it over time, but Tennis I have found out is actually hard to learn, so my heart does go out, but there is no substitution for practice.

My son makes shots I never taught him, a short side slice to my left, but enough pace on it so I can't get near it, now I never taught him that, he got that out of playing 6 hours a day!

So yea I'm sorry for my post, but I do think there can be some good from it, you learn, in tennis, from playing, the racquet is an extention not just of the arm but mind, that's why it's so great.

But yea when we see these posts, "I'm a 4.0, help me with my serve", I'm like "What", just serve more, watch the pro's, get broad strokes.

When I played Justin Bower, he was gracious enough to hit with my son. He brought him up and said, "Do you know the three main styles of the best"? Mick was a little puzzled, Justin said "Well Nadal takes a shot and hits it back with placement with huge topspin, Djoke moves and hits hard flat shots, Federer does it all depending on the situation", to me that's great teaching, just broad strokes.

I mean I teach Mick to run around backhand and with all shots at his level fire it to the backhand, which is effective against kids, I teach him how to play the net, just the basics, I mean I'm no teacher.

BY THE WAY, finally I taught him a serve. I did all these videos, well hold yourself this way, do this, do that, no way! It's too confusing, finally I just told him when we rally to throw the ball up as high as you can and when it starts to drop nail it, he will FIND HIS SERVE.

Anyways thanks all for being kind
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