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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
I don't agree with some stuff here like the wooden rackets part, 95's being gigantic, or asking for advice is somehow wrong.

Once past the combative and condescending tone there are actually a few things that I agree with. Get lots of practice. How does someone hit sharp angles, serve at ___ speed, have great foot work/movement, etc.? They spend countless hours practicing. There are some shots I can't hit anymore because I don't have a coach anymore to practice those shots with, practice drills, etc. Yes, many players are lazy as hell - I met a few that talk like they are so interested in improving so I suggest some drills/practice. Once they see how much trouble they have with it (a huge sign of needing more practice) they don't want to do it anymore after the first attempt. A year goes by and they are doing no better in those areas. Some only want to hit or play games, but there's no way of getting around the need to practice/train.
You don't have to agree, but ask some on this forum, or guys I play with, they carry a 75 inch wood head to sharpen their skills, heh if you can hit that you can do anything. Then when you get a PS 90, you think "Man this is huge", which is good.
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