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Originally Posted by Mister drool View Post
and how about the gold 99? anyone can give some light has to what other frame its plays close too? . . . the buttery feeling of the kennex... how does the gold99 compares?
I hit modified Becker Londons and demoed the Gold 99 today. The transition was seamless, and I mean to the point that I had a hard time going back to my own frame. I find that it sits somewhere between my London and a C-10 Pro. The weight is in the handle, throat, and low in the shoulders. The hoop is flexible, forgiving, and loaded with feel. I got a lot of bite off the stringbed, and while I wouldn't call it crisp, control is at a premium. And the grip shape is absolutely perfect----a touch more square than Dunlop.

You mention a buttery feel . . . spread a little Gold 99, and your tennis palate will thank you. I can't imagine a frame that would work better for me, personally, and I don't think that I'd customize it hardly at all, and that's rare for me. I might be sold.

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I'm also very interested in the Gold 99 thinking that it may qualify as a zippier and more forgiving alternative to my current 4D200 Tours. Anyone?
I find it more forgiving than even my Londons. The frame just glides through the air. Donnay, imo, has created the perfect balance of specs here in this frame. It may not bludgeon the ball like your Tours, but with the flex, feel, maneuverability, stability, and even forgiveness of the frame, you can work the ball at will, whatever the situation may call for. This frame's a sleeper, and I can only conclude that that is the case because old-school, flexy frames are not in demand.
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