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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Have you read his interview with Neil Harman? He pretty much just threw the final shovel full of dirt on the coffin with the stuff he said in there. Seriously, he sounds resigned to failure before he even comes back. What a bummer these last few interviews have been.
No, I haven't. Is it a new interview?, do you have a link?.

He never sounds too optimistic about his chances, much less is he going to after being out so long and with his knee still not completely right. I think he thinks more of his chances than he lets on.

Originally Posted by CMM View Post
LOL. Are you trying to compete with Clarky?
He just doesn't expect to have good results in the first tournaments he plays. That's all. No need to dramatize.
Yeah, people are over-dramatizing here. I do think however that a two week 5 set tournament on hc is not what he needs right now. But how about waiting and seeing how he does since about March before we declare his career over?. He's been worse in the past. He basically limped out of four slams in a row in 2009/2010.

Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
It's more than him thinking he's not going to do well in the first tournaments he plays. He sounds low, and almost depressed. He also talks about his career in the past tense far too much for my liking. Another thing is his knee is still bothering him after all this time off. That is a terrible sign of things to come, and I agree that with reversef that we are hearing the death rattle of Nadal's career. I'm terribly bummed out about this, and I hope there is a young, exciting player coming up in the ranks that we don't know about yet that I can root for in the future.
You're not going to like the rest of the interview then , there's a lot of reminiscing about his early career.

Don't be so bummed out just yet Clarcky. Things might turn out just fine.

Have you ever seen him live?.
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