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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
What's your take on group classes? Cardio tennis, bootcamps, live ball drills, drill play, or just plain ol' group lessons - Are they worthwhile?

Some folks in my area have told me that these classes are super fun, but people don't really learn anything. One guy told me he paid $30 for a 1hr group class, 8 players in the group, they lined up and took turns hitting balls fed to them. This guy even counted how many balls he got to hit during this hour. Turned out to be around 35. That's almost a buck a ball..!

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you all very much.
I'm probaly the minority position here, but I think they are a waste of time, they are why we have guys spending tons of money are are very low ranked skill wise.

One hour? Is that a joke? I play with my son for 6 hours, we come back next day for 4, then 3 more, not all the time but you learn what works and what doesn't.

Maybe it's just I never had a teacher, just a old wood racquet and had to survive, and I did, and got better, and better, MY STYLE IS MY STYLE, I'm not doing someone elses style.

IMO, you should be taught, "Heh, hold it western, continental, or eastern", aside from that tennis is an extension of your mind unto a racquet to do a specific purpose, this can't be taught, practice and doing your own thing is what works.

I will tell you, teaching my son shows me how much I don't know about what I do, it's not rehearsed, it's not something taught, it's just me expressed, the glory of tennis
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