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this is sounding like MC 2013 is going to be the real crunch time. So often the place where Nadal finds his feet, but even fit, he does have to lose there sometime. I'm feeling undecided about whether he can come back and win MC again and have a good clay season, or whether the combination of a loss being due PLUS being out so long, is lining up a loss there, which would be a shock to the system. For once Nadal would not have that Mc pick me up.

Not to sound like a prophet of doom, but clarky is way more downbeat about his chances than me. Just saying I think again it will all boill down to MC.
Nadal numbed his knee completely to play Roland Garros. So if he ever has pain he can always numb it. Djokovic can't handle a one-legged Nadal.
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