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But if Court 200 titles and 24 slams hold the standard for the players after her era, shouldn't she be head and shoulder above Martina and Graf? There's a reason why she's considered below them and you guys just don't want to admit it. You think her 200 titles is 4 times greater than Serena's 46 titles. Unbelievable!
I never wrote Court is head and shoulders over Navratilova and Graf. Please read what I write carefully. I think she gets a bad rap in some ways perhaps because of her views. Give me a break, she won the Grand Slam in 1970 against everyone. I think Court's record is clearly superior to Serena's.

You do realize that most people don't know Court won 200 tournaments in her career and know her great record. You seem to throw numbers out when it's convenient for you but don't acknowledge other numbers like Court's 200 tournament wins or her Grand Slam.
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