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Originally Posted by Disneos View Post
Have you ever used weiscannon dual reality hybrid? Was looking at it an it got some great reviews and seems a lot more affordable, idk just the price tag of buying gut even in hybrid bugs me, if te weiscannon isn't good that what would you say is the best hybrid you can think of for comfort and control without being too low on power?
Originally Posted by Disneos View Post
Been looking at kirschbaun pro line II and head RIP strings as alternatives to mutlis, can anyone give feedback ont hear strings and do you think they'd work well in a hybrid together if so which mains which crosses for any of these racquets?

Hi Disneos,

Yeah cool, I understand. As this is the racquets section, in a general thread about Donnay frames, I hesitate to get into a deep discussion about string choices. But I will say quickly a few things:

1. The price difference btwn a decent Gut/Poly that will last you 20+ hours and a premium multi that will last you less than 10 hours is 4 bucks. Gut/Poly is waaay cheaper in the long run. Full gut would actually be cheaper for me than X1 Bi phase. I snap X1 in 6 hours, but can get 20-30 out of full gut.

2. Kirschbaum pro line II in 18g ranks #20 softest poly out of 239. Pro line II in the 17g ranks # 68. Those digits indicate being fairly comfy as far as full poly goes, but I'd stay clear of any full bed of poly if you have TE. That's just not going to work. Head Rip Control is an odd bird. Very unique string for sure. The gummy outer coating has it feeling very damp, muted, muffled. Though there are better choices for TE at 180 lb in... it's not bad stiffness wise, and is fairly durable. RC would be work much better for TE than Pro line II, yet neither would be as arm friendly as full gut.

3. Yeah man, WC Dual reality has good reviews, but its designed to work as poly mains with a syngut cross. For TE I reco should staying away from poly mains, as the mains account for most qualities of the stringbed.

4. We've learned a whole bunch more about string in the last four years, than we have in the last 100 years. It's a deep subject that could fill many chapters in a book. But the biggest discovery has the importance of low interstring friction for spin production. It has been observed that additional spin is imparted to the ball when the strings slide and snap back as the ball is exiting the string bed. There is one particular string combination that is the most slippery. That combination is Gut mains / poly crosses. we dont know why exactly that is... but the most plausible explanation is that the natural oils in the gut act as a lubricant as the mains slide across. Oddly though, when you reverse the set up, and go with poly mains, and gut crosses, that combo has the highest inter -string friction of any setups tested. You can find many research articles about this in the TW university if you ever need some good bed time reading material. Puts me right to sleep Ha ha.

5. Regarding your request for a quick hybrid suggestion, I'm really loving Gut mains with one of the softest polys on the market, Polyfibre Hitec 18. It plays like buttah. Much more comfy than than the ever popular Gut / MSV Co- Focus, and offers a bit more touch and control imo. WC Mosquito bite 18 and the soft new Yonex Poly are my demo list for soft poly X's.

6. As you are a fellow TE sufferer, you might want to give a look to the stiffness ratings of any string you are considering giving a demo. I don't always agree with the digits, but more often than not the numbers make sense overall.

Hope this helps!

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