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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
I'm probaly the minority position here, but I think they are a waste of time, they are why we have guys spending tons of money are are very low ranked skill wise.

One hour? Is that a joke? I play with my son for 6 hours, we come back next day for 4, then 3 more, not all the time but you learn what works and what doesn't.

Maybe it's just I never had a teacher, just a old wood racquet and had to survive, and I did, and got better, and better, MY STYLE IS MY STYLE, I'm not doing someone elses style.

IMO, you should be taught, "Heh, hold it western, continental, or eastern", aside from that tennis is an extension of your mind unto a racquet to do a specific purpose, this can't be taught, practice and doing your own thing is what works.

I will tell you, teaching my son shows me how much I don't know about what I do, it's not rehearsed, it's not something taught, it's just me expressed, the glory of tennis
Are you serious? Do you really think the pros you slobber over got where they were without a ton of instruction? That they just went out and hit until they discovered their strokes? That is so ridiculous. Every pro would have a pancake serve. If you have terrible form and you just practice, practice, practice, you're just going to solidify that terrible form. You're supposed to take the one hour lesson--I can't believe I'm explaining this--and apply it to your game over the subsequent, yes, four, five and six hours, to your game in general. While lessons can definitely be a dead-end--cardio classes help your fitness, not necessarily your tennis--a good pro can and should help you lift your game.

You're seriously telling me you're a 6.0 and you got there by teaching yourself tennis? Are you like a self-rated guy who guesses he's a 6.0 from a few pick-up games, or what? I teach at a Div. I university on the east coast, and the top guys on the team are 6.0. They were recruited for tennis, and many of them are not from the U.S. I can guarantee you these guys did not get to this level by banging around dead balls for hours and hours at the city courts.
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