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Originally Posted by F. Perry View Post
Are you serious? Do you really think the pros you slobber over got where they were without a ton of instruction? That they just went out and hit until they discovered their strokes? That is so ridiculous. Every pro would have a pancake serve. If you have terrible form and you just practice, practice, practice, you're just going to solidify that terrible form. You're supposed to take the one hour lesson--I can't believe I'm explaining this--and apply it to your game over the subsequent, yes, four, five and six hours, to your game in general. While lessons can definitely be a dead-end--cardio classes help your fitness, not necessarily your tennis--a good pro can and should help you lift your game.

You're seriously telling me you're a 6.0 and you got there by teaching yourself tennis? Are you like a self-rated guy who guesses he's a 6.0 from a few pick-up games, or what? I teach at a Div. I university on the east coast, and the top guys on the team are 6.0. They were recruited for tennis, and many of them are not from the U.S. I can guarantee you these guys did not get to this level by banging around dead balls for hours and hours at the city courts.
haha yea. i mean i have met some decent players that are at a level where they can win a lot of matches, but when you watch them its very obvious they learned on their own, and not via a 'teaching pro' method
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