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I was translating a little of the interview. Only got until like the 4 minute, lol:

Q: Well Rafa, first, thank s a lot for receiving us again in our tennis programme, it’s been like a year and a half already since we saw each other at Wimbedon, and the truth, (I was) looking forward to seeing you again.

Rafa: No, thank you for coming, come on (que va). A pleasure.

Note: not sure how to translate that Spanish expression. It just refers to something that wasn’t necessary to say, that it’s understood, in response to something outrageous or exaggerated. For example, when asked if he’d thought of retiring, he’s said “No, que va”. Here it refers clearly to the gushing from the interviewer, hehe).

Q: No, well… Hey, I want, eh, it’s true we’ve known each other a long time. And I’ve always had the curiosity and I’ve never off camera like I’m going to do today (?), that is asking you about the story that you… eh, I’ve seen you play football, I’ve seen you play golf, all with the right hand. The thing this that you play left-handed, tell me about it because it’s a legend that I find hard to… I want to know it from you.

Rafa: Well, it’s simple, no?... well, it’s simple and at the same time it’s complicated. Maybe it’s hard to understand. I’m right-handed for practically everything. For writing, for eating, eh… sensibility at the moment of playing basketball, of throwing the wristband, anything, you throw something to me and I’m going to pick it up with my right hand. But, or playing football, in this case for shooting (the ball), I shoot better with my left foot, or less bad (smiles), with my left foot, than with the right one,
and for playing tennis the same. It came like this naturally for me. Playing tennis came naturally like this to me, to play with my left hand. Because, I started playing everything two-handed, as you know, (inaudible) I started very little. But there’s people who play everything two-handed, they play like this (mimics it). I used to play to backhands, I would switch my hands, you know?. I didn’t hit… and one day…

Q: I don’t advise to do that (mimicking Rafa’s switching hands) (laughs). There isn’t much time to do it.

Rafa: Yeah… I used to do it. I used to do well (chuckles). But, a day came when already, well, my uncle told me that… nothing. That we had to change, that there wasn’t any very good player who’d play everything two-handed, and that I wasn’t going to be the first one, so… (inaudible).

Q: So it really wasn’t a decision, to say “I play with my right hand and I’m going to try to play with my left one, I play well, and make the decision”.

Rafa: No, we play one handed (forehand), we have to change, we have to hit it one-handed, the drive, it came out… for me, naturally, is just that I picked it up with my left hand, naturally.

Q: Thanks. Its just that it was hard for me, personally, it was hard to accept, or to believe, that someone who played right-handed, would switch to left-handed, maybe thinking that to overcome Federer, he had to be left-handed.

Rafa: No, come on (que va, que va). You imagine, at that age, no no. I switched when I was 10 years old, I think?, and no, I switched because, eh… because my uncle told me I had to switch, and it came naturally for me to pick it up with my left hand. And I’d play two back-hands, with which… mmm. And it’s not something which we consi… I don’t remember ever having considered with which hand we were going to play, we just played left-handed and that was it.

Q: Golf you play with…

Rafa: (Inaudible).

Q: You play right-handed.

Rafa: I’m right-handed, yeah.

Q: And during this stop…

Rafa: Hmm…

Q: I know you’ve improved a little, in fact, you’ve…

Rafa: My swing is equally bad (laughs). My swing is equally bad, but well (laughs).

Q: The handicap is better. So, it benefits me because you’re going to have to give me points.

Rafa: Yes, exactly (laughs).

Q: (3:06) Do you consider, in the future, getting into the tour?.

Rafa: Of golf?, que va. I think it’s impossible. First of all, I don’t have the swing to get into anything, and second, I think it’ would of an enormous arrogance to think that starting to play at… what do I know, 30 years old?, when I stop playing tennis, or 31, or 29, I don’t know when that’s going to be, but that I would be able to get into the professional golf tour. I think people get into, or are professionals because they’re devoted to it since they’re little, no?, because, now “I want to play golf for a living” is as if you tell me “I want to be a tennis pro”, and I start to play when I’m 15 years old, I’ll tell you (inaudible) it’d be very hard, so (chuckles).

Q: No, but you’re 3.9 already, no?, your handicap…

Rafa: Yes, I have a handicap of 3.8 I think, 3.9... but, but being a professional isn't being handicap 1 nor handicap 0, it's to be in the circuit, is (chuckles) is…

Q: (Someone) tried it…

Rafa: I think not, I think it’s not possible to make it. Another thing is if you say, well, my life is golf, I devote myself all day long, and I can get to play a pro tournament, and I can get to, I don’t know, not to make a fool of myself, not to be a disaster. Yes, I think that can happen, it can be. I don’t know if I’d be prepared (to do that), but I think that is feasible. Now, being a regular player on the circuit, well, I think not.

Q: What have you done all this time?, apart from, logically, devoting yourself 100% to recuperate the knee.

Rafa: Ive been, I’ve done several things, I’ve been with my friends, I’ve been with my family. I’ve kept on working in what is my day to day of the recovery, as you’ve said, several hours, and… (shrugs)
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