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The proper way to beat someone like that is to come to the net. You don't necessarily need great volleys (he's not hitting screaming passing shots) but you MUST have a very solid overhead. If he lobs a lot, stop a little further from the net in anticipation. Chipping and charging should work well and you really don't have to do much other than move your feet. The "plop" shot, as my Dad called it, is very useful to get the other guy out of rhythm. It's not really a drop shot, but a short, soft, angled slice - Federer makes good use of it. It brings the guy forward where he really doesn't want to be. He can continue into the net on your terms, or bunt it back and try to run backwards.

However, if you are losing 6-4, 6-4 and you are just trying to be more consistent than him, you are doing a pretty good job at that game, too. Another thing to try would be to tone your game back more and see if you can beat him at his own game. Sometimes, it is pretty satisfying to do that.
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