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Originally Posted by luishcorreia View Post
So I get the theory..8 understand that giving little pace and coming to the net works against pushers.

But hitting at 60% is compatible with coming to the net.?

One the one hand I see that I would be better finishing the point in 2/3 shots... Is that possible at 60%?
you don't need to hit soft. hit at a pace that you can produce over and over again without making errors. over time tht pace will increase as you get better.

what you should not do is swinging as hard as you can because you want to end it. that is what the pusher wants he doesn't care if you hit a few winners as long he is winning.

I have even heard of defensive players (not really low level pushers) that would intentionally feed "assists" for you to hit a winner and then compliment you to feed your ego and make you swing away more.
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