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Originally Posted by Pneumated1 View Post
I demoed the frame this week, and I believe that this is the best 300 Tour that I've hit. I covered the bumper with head tape and ran 1/8" wide lead, 6" long, from the end of the bumper, down just past 3/9. I could feel just a hint of flex in the frame with the added weight. The "feel" is stiff, yet it seems to be a very arm friendly frame, almost as if the construction and geometry of the frame create the stiffness, not the layup.

I'm a big fan of very flexible frames, so this one responds a tad too stiff for me to consider. It's very crisp, controlled, with improved pop. I actually got a lot more rpm's and bite on the ball with the F 3.0 Tour than I did with the M 3.0. The latter frame I think Dunlop has done a disservice to by consistently making it stiffer. Keep the new geometry, just soften it, if possible.
Hey P1! Thanks as always for your input!! I understand what you are saying. Though I felt that the racket was fairly stable and that Dunlop had resolved the dead upper hoop issue with this version I felt that it played even better with lead added. I am running 1/4" lead tape from 10:00-2:00 and I have replaced the stock grip with a heavier synthetic but no added lead underneath.

The new F3.0 definitely is crisp and the ball comes off the stringbed fast. It is stiff but I find it very arm friendly. The stringbed to me behaves a lot like my Volkl x10 295. It is very fast and lively.

The Bio 300 tour feels nicer and you get better ball pocketing. I am really dialed in on serve with this frame and I can hit a flatter ball on all shots. The smaller sweetspot is also more plush.

I have always preferred the old school or traditional feel of a frame but in time I may be switching over to the "modern" camp.

I have not playtested the M version. Sorry to hear that it feels even stiffer as I felt that the Bio 300 was to stiff for my liking.

Have a great holiday
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