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Originally Posted by CMM View Post
LOL. Are you trying to compete with Clarky?
He just doesn't expect to have good results in the first tournaments he plays. That's all. No need to dramatize.
No, I don't try to compete with anyone, but hearing that his knees are still not perfect after 6 months of recovery is scary. I know that Rafa is always cautious and not the kind of guy to say "I feel perfect", but he's a realist, not a pessimist. He often said he would come back when he would feel at 100%, but he didn't think that it would take so much time. My feeling is that from now on, he will be injured more often than not, and in those conditions, it's difficult to play well when you have the opportunity to play.
I don't try to be a proselyte. I'm happy to see that many fans remain optimistic, and I hope they are right. I hope I will have the opportunity to admit that I was wrong, but there is not much to make me feel very optimistic.
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