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Originally Posted by JohnB View Post

Does air pressure/temp have an impact on mgr/i?

I don't think so.
Could you expand on this please? Are you confident they don't have an impact?

Originally Posted by JohnB View Post
Arm length can vary among people of the same height. Some people have more fast twitch muscle fibers then others. Also muscle mass affects mgr/i. Bearing all of this in mind, shouldn't everybody find their own mgr/i?

It's about the natural pendulum frequency of the arm. I think the weight and length of the arm are the factors that determine that frequency. So the mass influences the Mgr/I (that's why the wristband theory comes in play)

According to Travlerajm, you apply force in your forehand stroke when your arm is almost at the lowest point. The musclefibres influences the accelleration in a forward direction. At the beginning of the forehand where you allow gravity the let the racket drop, your supposed to be relaxed. So I don't think they play a part in Mgri/I.
Arm length and muscle mass can vary among people of the same height. Bearing this in mind, shouldn't everybody find there own mgr/i? Again, are you confident that fast twitch fibres don't have an impact?

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Mgr/I is indeed about using a relaxed wrist. Players who use a whippier stroke tend to have lower Mgr/I and thinner grips. With thicker grips it's more difficult to whip upwards.
So does grip size matter if your mgr/i is optimal? I've read it improves spin and serves. I've also read that it improves shot's on the stretch, due to improved wrist range of motion.

Some rackets, like aerogel and exo3, claim to have increased air resistance. Does this affect mgr/i?

Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
The MgR/I value determines how fast your racquet pivots about the wrist axis during the first part of your swing. If you wear a wrist band, it slows down the rate at which your arm rotates forward during the first part of the forward swing, such that the relative rate of the racquet becomes noticeably faster compared to that of the hand, which will noticeably affect your timing provided you are using a relaxed wrist and not applying a significant couple from the wrist. However, the difference in arm speed is unlikely to have a noticeable effect on the absolute swingspeed.
This is travlerajm's view on wristbands. What if you wore the wristband slightly further up the arm, so that it wasn't affecting the pivot point of the wrist? Would it still affect mgr/i?

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