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Originally Posted by Disneos View Post
Been looking at kirschbaun pro line II and head RIP strings as alternatives to mutlis, can anyone give feedback ont hear strings and do you think they'd work well in a hybrid together if so which mains which crosses for any of these racquets?

I used Proline II 17 gauge as hybrid with gut and multi with both the Pro One and XP-Dual, and they did mot last more than a few hours, which for me is untypical. I do not know why, but since that I have used TB 17 and Signum Pro Firestorm as crosses with gut mains, and had no problems with durability or my arm/elbow.

I have not been counting the hours before restringing, but when I start to lose some feel, I will change to a fresh set.

Of course, all of this depends on how we hit etc. But I agree with Jack that it is worth trying at least.
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