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Originally Posted by Pneumated1 View Post
I hit modified Becker Londons and demoed the Gold 99 today... The weight is in the handle, throat, and low in the shoulders... and while I wouldn't call it crisp, control is at a premium. And the grip shape is absolutely perfect----a touch more square than Dunlop.

You mention a buttery feel . . . spread a little Gold 99, and your tennis palate will thank you. I can't imagine a frame that would work better for me, personally, and I don't think that I'd customize it hardly at all, and that's rare for me. I might be sold... The frame just glides through the air.... It may not bludgeon the ball like your Tours, ... This frame's a sleeper, and I can only conclude that that is the case because old-school, flexy frames are not in demand.
wow... your writting is almost an art form.
I'm not kidding, you have a very smooth writting style, specially in the descpition department.

Im realy tempted to get this frame for me... but i can only buy it from tennis warehouse europe (i live in portugal) and at the moment they ask for 205 euro... which is a bit more than i can pay for right now... i have played with a head youtek ig speed 16x19 of a friend and liked that one too... good plow, stability is ok (compared to k90 and redondo mid) super spin effect (100 sq inch and open string pattern VS mid size and 18x20 of the redondo got to me).. the works, it is a very good racquet as well, and right now, much cheaper (134 ) than the donnay....
can they both be compared?
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