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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
Let me remind the children in this thread that a doping ban is a lot longer than 6 months. Even recreational drugs is a 2 year ban. When Hingis was banned for cocaine her reading was just 42ng/ml of a cocaine metabolite (such a minute trace that it wouldn't trigger a positive result had a test been administered by the US Military), and that legend was give 2 YEARS just for using a recreational drug. Doping is far more serious. That means once Nadal returns (this month) you kids are going to owe him (and everyone else) an engraved apology.
You run the ATP do you?

Nobody actually knows the inner business of the ATP and what they would do or would not do for their biggest star players so please don't insult our intelligence. As has been mentioned many times before a top player could be on a provisional suspension and the public would not find out about it if said player was cleared in a tribunal.
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