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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
You run the ATP do you?

Nobody actually knows the inner business of the ATP and what they would do or would not do for their biggest star players so please don't insult our intelligence. As has been mentioned many times before a top player could be on a provisional suspension and the public would not find out about it if said player was cleared in a tribunal.
Yep its been mentioned many times by people of your ilk.

The funniest thing about this is if you read any tennis forum dating back to around 2009, the consensus among tennis fans was that Nadal would have a career plagued by injures and perhaps retire by age 26. So why the sudden surprise when he misses half a year? He's already won slams for longer than expected (in fact he's already tied the record of 8 straight slam-winning years). The only logical excuse for such brain-fade is that federer's numerous fans will do anything to discredit federer's owner. Surely that's it. Surely they aren't dumb enough to believe Nadal isn't injury prone....

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