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Originally Posted by dgoran View Post
Are you one or two hander? I am a one hander and for whatever reason open pattern never provides me with the same control as closed one. Not to say I cannot play with either just feel more connected more secure with closed.

Also one little advice sensation is very very light string approx 11 grams on average if I remember correctly in comparison to gut poly or full poly that is 18 grams that is a big difference and that will impact your swing weight and everything else. Don't be surprised if you don't find it maneuverable or whippy after you buy it and string it up with your fav gut poly lots of honey moons get ruined right there
1H backhand....this was one of the 1st things I noticed demoing both frames. My 1h-bh w/16x19 seemed to be a little "flighty" & more unpredictable than the 18x20. I got the unpredictability w/my BLX Team, as well. (tighter pattern, more head area).

I'm hearing you from both angels....

Thanks so much peeps for all your thoughts & suggestions. It still comes down to this (and it's what I tell my 325+ stringing customers): It's a unique thing.......personal preference. What works & feels right for one, doesn't necessarily apply to another.

This is absolutely what I was hoping for, tho. Input & suggestions from a bunch of different ppl/players.

Keep it coming...I need to quit dropping so much cash on frames, so I'm hoping this frame will be the last for a few years. (momma needs new shoe's, don't ya know )
and also....I have no illusion one frame is going to make a "night & day" difference in my game. I do believe the right equipment can bring out the best in a player
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