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And thanks, Tennishacker. It is hoped that the recruiting process for your daughter ended up with the results she desired!
For further clarification if a womens team is fully funded (8 full scholarships)the player either receives a full ride tennis scholarship or no athletic scholarship. In some cases this is why a coach with a fully funded program banks a scholarship not wanting to risk giving out a full scholarship to a player who may or may not be able to win at the coaches desired level.

All Men's programs in DI, DII and NAIA are considered partially funded and the coach may give our full or partial tennis scholarships in whatever amount he/she sees fit.Partials for men are the norm, tuition, books and fees or roughly 50%.

NOTE: Some women's programs may declare partial funding (less than 8 scholarships) then the coach may give out tennis scholarships in any amount they want.

I've found two things helpful. Dig though the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA scholarship regulations to find out more. Also, ask the coach how they are funded and what latitude they have in distributing their scholarships. I found the latter to be very helpful as nuance can occur from division to division, school to school and conference to conference, etc.
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