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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
Setting scholarship as the "primary goal" is a slippery slope that parents should avoid at all costs.

My primary objective with respect to tennis is for my kid to enjoy playing the sport. The life lessons, memories, and friendships just happen if you play the sport for the love of the game. And if your child has success, he/she will have the opportunity to earn a scholarship. If not, there are still great tennis programs available in college for kids that aren't quite good enough but still love the game.

Respect the game and play the sport for the right reasons. Participating in an event just so you can "stick it to the USTA" is a destructive mindset. You'll catch more bees with honey than vinegar.
Agreed. Trying to set up another tennis governing body in the U.S. is equivalent to a state trying to succeed from the Union. The sounds from the ground swell on the surface may make it seem possible but making it happen as a money making venture is another story. Those with "deep pockets" may fund a good business plan, but if return on their investment appears questionable they won't do it or if the new organizations faulters will bail out.

Take many other non-USTA ventures for example. Although the following on some levels have a great degree of success, some have never really taken off in a big way or expanded. Little Mo, ALTA, Slimfast Mixed Doubles, WTT Team Tennis (rec level). I know there has to be more examples of failed non-USTA programs. My point here is no one can point to a non-USTA organization that has grown to a national and remotely comparable level to the USTA.

Heck, if ITF Juniors are so great why are their not more in the US?
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