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Originally Posted by cmb View Post
I dont know man, its easy to say that. But having been through the grind...I don't know if having money to play more tournaments would ever help someone whos ranked 800 get to be top 100.

You either have it or you don't. Leandro Migani went from being unranked to being ranked top 300 this year....if you have the game, you will make it. If you don't, no amount of money flushed down the toilet in futures will ever help

*been there*
In today's pro world players are playing against countries that are supplying coaches, physios, funding and a team atmosphere. A player out there without proper funding has no shot. When it is time to leave Futures and play primarily Challenger qualies, players have to travel to a new city every week, and it is very expensive. So, far too many players opt to stay at the Futures level where there in no chance of being a successul pro. Funding controls choices and choices can make or break a player even with the right game.
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