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Originally Posted by martini1 View Post
I like your attitude towards pushers. Many times we were so caught up in losing to somebody that cannot hit with any pace. Now I am seeing more like taking the opportunity to learn the control game and the execution game. To me playing with a strong S&V guy is harder to control because there is no rally. The point is over in 3-4 strokes, and it all depends on if I can return the ball at all. Pushers are much easier because they like to wait for the point to be over, never attack on anything.
Playing pushers lets me work on one of my weaker aspects of my tennis. The metal part. The pusher is one style that will test your patience, strategical thinking, and your faith in your shots.

Now that I am able to topple down pushers on a regular basis, I know my game has improved quite a bit.
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