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Originally Posted by Pacific lefty View Post
I never thought I'd be back on this forum so fast...I had my tendonitis/impingement well under control with my PT and after seven weeks I was ready to start hitting. I had one hitting session and on Jan 30 did some extremely light weighted lat pulldowns and sitting chest presses in gym. From that day on the pain was right back. Impossible to do any external rotation exercises, even isometric, or stretch arm across body. And even three weeks later it is still the same.

I can't believe I could have caused the problem to come straight back. My PT says that must mean that the impingement is so bad that I do need surgery. I just feel at the moment that I am never going to play competitive tennis again (not to mention having nightmares about crashing my car into a wall)...

So next week I am trying two things...accupuncture, and meeting the dreaded cortisone happy ortho. surgeon. Has anyone found accupuncture helpful? I guess I will probably have another mri to see exactly what is going on here..

Please anybody, a word of encouragment as I've been spending most of this week just reminding myself to keep breathing in and out...
I think I can help u since I had shoulder surgery four times for my cuff. Twice on my left shoulder one open and scope and twice on my right shoulder one open style and one scope. Have u had any surgery yet? A shot or pt will not fix a tear in a tendon so surgery is the only way to go if u want to play sports again at a high level. As far as movements go always keep your elbows close to your midline so no lat pulldowns. Get the mri done and see whats up but even those don't show everything. My doc thought it was just impingment but when he cut me open I had a 2x3cm tear and 2 bone spurs. Surgery is not the end all u need to do 15 weeks of pt after then it takes another year to slowly build up your strength. I been a Master Trainer and Strength Coach for 22 years so if u have a question u can pm me.
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