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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
My primary objective with respect to tennis is for my kid to enjoy playing the sport. The life lessons, memories, and friendships just happen if you play the sport for the love of the game. And if your child has success, he/she will have the opportunity to earn a scholarship. If not, there are still great tennis programs available in college for kids that aren't quite good enough but still love the game.
Agree. I am sure this is the primary objective for most parents as well. Tennis allows my son to meet some of his best friends, boys or girls. His older brother, who made high school varsity team in his freshman year, loved the game of tennis, but had little interest in tough competition, still has his tennis rackets and his tennis shoes in his college dorm and still watches grandslams on TV. On the other hand, setting a secondary goal, such as, obtaining a tennis scholarship (particularly for girls) or helping get into a top college (for my son), which obviously must be realistic, can be a motivating factor to our kids.
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