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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
If people getting PF from being barefoot or wearing flops all summer, that is only cos the foot is not used to that situation, some feet are so used to being cramped in narrow toe boxes, elevated heels and soft soles.
But most flipflops are rather thick, soft soles which in my experience is very far from barefoot, and not good for the foot. Plus they dont tie properly to the foot which can make you tense your toes and feet.

Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Hmmm, nursing school = plantar fasciitis?
Yes nursing school/kindergarten. The thing is I went from parttime to fulltime for a period and I think it delayed my recovery a little. I use Vivo Barefoot shoes for everyday use.
Now what really kicked of my PF I think was playing barefoot on an uneven clay court at our club. A a result of rain followed by sun, this badly kept or established court had turned into a sort of concrete lunar landscape. So yes, there can be limits to the bliss of going/playing barefoot. I am now however enjoying my tennis barefoot indoors on Rebound Ace. I mean, that stuff is like one big upside down sneaker.
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