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Default check out my "Frankenstring" setup!

After seeing all the hype about Wilson's new steam-Spin racquets and noticing they use a 17x15 string setup I though,"I wonder if I can duplicate this on one of my racquets?". So I took out 'ol Mr. Wilson, a '10 K-Factor Bold that had lost some of it's appeal for me, and proceeded to see which strings would be best left out to produce something like it.
I came up with a 16x15 setup and went over to my stringer friend Micheal to do the deed!
Using Pro's Pro Vendetta on the mains and Gamma syn-gut on the crosses produced a very open pattern in the sweet-spot area.
After only a few "bounce tests" I can see this WILL produce more spin!
Today I will go hit the ball to see exactly what it did.
Will I get more spin? Will I get an unplayable racquet, with TOO much power in the sweet spot and nowhere else? Will it just break the strings on the first few hits?
These questions, along with my findings will be posted later on today.
I'm hoping to make an older design into something that would cost FAR less than a new racquet.

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