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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Hey Steve!

Well, part of my issue is that I work on my feet...a lot! Retail part time, and nursing school (with 12 hours clinicals in the hospital).

Take time off?

Well, actually, since I did get a bump to 4.0, I will be playing less at least, because I won't be playing two levels.
Nice bump to 4.0.. Congrats!!!! Yes.. hard to stay off your feet when it part of your job. I guess I meant to say was try to limit your court hours and do all the right things. BTW...walking in bare feet or flip flops are both wrong when you have PF. The shoes need to supply the right flex point.. that is a major issue. I was wearing shoes almost all the time and it really helped to cure the PF. Best wishes and good luck curing the PF. Sorry about this.. but all I can say is that PF "sucks" and was worse than my knee being repaired. If you love to play tennis it is one of the worse issues you can have. If you can't drive to the ball you are done unless you have a very big serve and ground game. If you run to win points... forget it.
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