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Originally Posted by Sanglier View Post
As there doesn't appear to be a dedicated Scepter thread, and Hans had already hijacked this one for his Scepters months ago, I thought it would be ok to add these to the mix.

Both were harvested from the bay during my recent binge trawling.

Even after reading about these frames on this board, I was still surprised by how frail-looking they are in the flesh. The hoop on the XL was probably not quite so flat-topped and lopsided when it left the factory, but it is definitely less ovoid than that of the XL-2 by design. Both sticks seem to play fine however.

My question is, was the XL-2 introduced as a successor of the XL, or was it just a slightly heftier and more indolent stablemate of the latter? Also, did Scepter stay in business long enough to make any XL-3s or 4, 5, 6s?
I doubt it...!
Anyway, did you string these up and if so, do I see shared holes in the XL 2?
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