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Originally Posted by clarky View Post
Hi all,

I have. Head youtek prestige MP normally play with lux bb rough. Looking to get a new poly that's a bit cheaper and better tension maintenance than the lux. Was looking at technifibre black code, Dunlop Black widow, volkl cyclone or possibly rpm blast. Be interested to hear people's thoughts or if any prestige users have used or use any of these polys.

I have RPM Blast in my APD right now. The tension maintenance is alright, but it has lost it's "specialness" already. I've hit for about 20 hours since I got it strung a week ago, the rest of the time it has been sitting. The glossy quality is gone so the strings don't snap back as much. It plays like any other good quality poly now.

I'm planning on trying Lux Savage and Tecnifibre Black Code in the near future, so I would suggest those.
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