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Originally Posted by Disneos View Post
One last string question, have you ever used klip legend your black natural gut? And if so what do you think of it?
Maybe its just bad luck, but ive tried two sets of klip gut, and both ended with premature snapping after just a few hours of play. The strings broke way out at the edges near the grommets so you could chalk it up to unfortunate mis-hits... but since switching to Babolat gut I've had no problems at all. Tonic is the cheapest Babolat gut, and the 15L is pretty durable. I've never snapped that stuff, just restring at 25 hours or so just to get a fresh set of poly xs in there. Because I rarely play gut in a full bed, its really tough for me to sense any difference among tonic and vs team. I have the black gut just because I have a buddy who is a rep and he was able to get that for me at a great price. I can for sure feel difs with changing out poly xs, but cant sense much dif with switching out gut mains.

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