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Connors is a rarity. His father apparently has very little influence in his life. His mother Gloria had been an outstanding tennis player, so she decides to mold him. Off they go, little Jimmy, Gloria, & her mother to all the USTLA (as it was then called) junior tournaments. We're talking the early and mid-1960s. Still, he's not the best. Gottfried, Stockton, Tanner, & Van Dillen routinely beat him in the 14s and 16s. Then, he gets the break of his life. His mother knows Pancho Segura, who is willing to take him under his wing, and in 1968 they're off to L.A. where he learns from the two Panchos (Segura and Gonzalez) and Bobby Riggs all there is to know about the game. Jimmy works hard and becomes a world-beater, but query: would he have achieved his success without those L.A. years?
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