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.................... For boys 50% tennis scholarships is the norm. Again there are exceptions but full tennis scholarships for boys are rare. For boys looking for max tennis scholarship money look at the smaller D1 schools, NAIA and NJCAA.
50% boys scholarships are not the norm at least for freshman, but it depends on where they play on the team. #1 will see a full, #2 maybe (or not) #3 maybe (or not) and the rest will get what is left (2.5 or 1.5) remaining divided between them possibly all the way down to players 8-10 depending on the program and who the coach wants to give it to. 50% is a great scholarship for a boy and not usually achieved by a freshman, unless they go in at the top range of the line up which is not the case for competitive teams except extreme circumstances. The #1 recruit in the country won't get a full because they go to a top school where they aren't playing a top spot. Surprising but true.

Agree with Clark and Misterbill on terminology of fully/partial funding. Boys fully funded at 4.5, girls at 8. It would be great if there was a list of schools and the # of full scholarships funded. From what I understand Vanderbilt has either 1 or none boys scholarships and Davidson has 2 total. Some girls programs are not fully funded either for 8. I believe they tend to be the better privates where kids are just happy to use tennis to get them in.

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