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Agreed. Trying to set up another tennis governing body in the U.S. is equivalent to a state trying to succeed from the Union. The sounds from the ground swell on the surface may make it seem possible but making it happen as a money making venture is another story. Those with "deep pockets" may fund a good business plan, but if return on their investment appears questionable they won't do it or if the new organizations faulters will bail out.

Take many other non-USTA ventures for example. Although the following on some levels have a great degree of success, some have never really taken off in a big way or expanded. Little Mo, ALTA, Slimfast Mixed Doubles, WTT Team Tennis (rec level). I know there has to be more examples of failed non-USTA programs. My point here is no one can point to a non-USTA organization that has grown to a national and remotely comparable level to the USTA.

Heck, if ITF Juniors are so great why are their not more in the US?
Because the USTA eliminated them all by not agreeing to meet housing requirements (funding) the ITF sets for G3, G2 and above. The US had a fabulous fall ITF series up to 3 years ago that the USTA destroyed along with a lot of kids plans/dreams to play the slams. No notice, the Aug-December events just disappeared off the schedule in July after some already had their travel plans booked and certainly their tournament plans for the year made. This was actually the first step of the restructuring of USTA that is going on now. Those were eliminated so they would not be options for US players and interfere with the 2012-2014 tournament changes. Their elimination was part of the overall long term plan. So now players just travel farther to do ITFs if they can.

Generally speaking, they are better and run better, and the level of play is certainly higher for the boys btw. The girls side is a little odd. Take a high level ITF event this week, boys rankings range from 7-300 for main draw, where the girls will go to beyond 1400 and even some unranked in main draw.

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