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Originally Posted by luishcorreia View Post
I have to be honest.. I've known all along how to beat a pusher.. at least on paper.

The thing is when I go out on the court two things happen.

1) fear of losing by playing a game thats not my normal (going up to the net, hit at 60%).

2) pride... I just want to beat him at his own game

well.. but since I am losing... whats the diference right? Might as well go for it.
Dude, your mental game is not very strong. You need to get stronger and stay relaxed.

NEVER try to beat somebody at their game just because. Watch the AO Federer Santoro game on youtube. Even Federer cannot win every point the Santoro way. He beat Santoro by playing the Fed game. Having said that, there are many variations. So your variation is not to blast every ball deep behind the baseline.

If he doesn't moonball but hit with a low pace ts shot, it is even easier for you to change direction and take time away from him. You could be playing what people called the ball machine or the wall. They get a lot balls back with decent placement but just not aggressive enough to hit straight up winners. You need to come in to finish the point!
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