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Originally Posted by BSPE84 View Post
Around here, club volleyball can cost the same if not more than tennis on average.

Anybody looking at kids sports as a "value" proposition with some kind of financial return will more than likely be very disappointed.
Depends on the sport. Basketball, for instance, can be learned and played for next to nothing from a young age, with tons of built-on competition, high-level coaching and college scouts looking to high schools - not all private club. Same goes for football, many kids get full rides without shelling out big bucks for club programs and private coaching/training. I got a partial scholarship and my brother got a full ride to a prestigious D1 school for track and field... again, no big money spent for development and coaches scouted us through high school results.

But in tennis, forget it. Tons of money to develop a D1 level player (more than you'd probably pay in tuition) and no one cares about high school results.
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