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Originally Posted by db10s View Post
Not cool... Because he is right...

I can break a 16g poly in ~5hrs of match play.... Always from the mains being worn down and sawed through. I'm the type of player who should be using poly. And poly "stretching"and breaking? Please explain.
I haven't seen poly get sawed through, it always does this .

Like I said, I was working on volleys and rallying at 10% with my friends. I just got a new racket and am still getting used to it. I used to play with other non-poly strings but I saw through them in 2 hours regardless of how lightly I hit, so I do need poly.

I responded like that because I don't like to make excuses, especially to random people on the internet. He made a huge assumption about my game based on 20 hours of hitting. What type of hitting? He had no idea, and didn't care to ask before making a rude comment. Even if he was right and I had slow strokes, there was next to no reason to say it, and it derailed this thread.
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