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Originally Posted by dyldore View Post
I haven't seen poly get sawed through, it always does this .

Like I said, I was working on volleys and rallying at 10% with my friends. I just got a new racket and am still getting used to it. I used to play with other non-poly strings but I saw through them in 2 hours regardless of how lightly I hit, so I do need poly.

I responded like that because I don't like to make excuses, especially to random people on the internet. He made a huge assumption about my game based on 20 hours of hitting. What type of hitting? He had no idea, and didn't care to ask before making a rude comment. Even if he was right and I had slow strokes, there was next to no reason to say it, and it derailed this thread.
Thats weird, always gets notched and breaks.

To get the thread on track, Black Widow is a good soft spinny poly... BHB7 is nice and has a little more pop.
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