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Originally Posted by Doubles View Post
The point still stands that after 20 hours it's lost more tension than any other kind of string. Whether you're bashing the hell out of the ball (clearly this isn't the case) or hitting volleys, and practicing doubles (I break more strings in doubles than singles, so...) Anyway, if you're using it just for its durability, then you're using poly for the wrong reason.
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I use it because it is durable and I hit harder and with more spin than non-poly strings. I try to not break my strings. If they get loose I couldn't care less, I can't afford to be restringing my racket every week, or even every month.
I said the tension maintenance was alright...I got it strung at 56.2 (measured with a RacketTune) and now it is at 48.6. That is alright to me. Rallying doubles I hit roughly half the balls I would hit if I were rallying singles so...
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