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So finally got some serious rallying in and two sets of singles.

Changed the lead setup - took off 4 grams from 3+9 to lower power and swing-weight and added 2 grams on the V throat for better load up.

So now I have

10 grams lead spanning entire loop from 8 to 4
2 grams on the throat
12 grams on bottom half of the handle.
Leather + OG + rubber band

Now the racket is not quite the wall it was, but I can still load up the swings nicely (but now even faster) and my gas pedal is greatly improved - I can really choose the depth and placement on my shot. The slices, blocks, volleys and serves also became much more controlled and didn't pop up like before. This combined with what is still a very predictable string bed really took the control to the next level.

Considering I've been playing with Tour 90" rackets for while now the 98" stringbed does feel biggish, but this racket still gives me tons of control, so I do feel I'm getting extra margin.

This showed through in my match - my returns and general consistency were better then usual. I played pretty well, we had many great rallies and ended up splitting sets (I usually lost to this player in the past).

Can't wait to get the poly into this racket.
Pure Control Tour: leather+og, 5g lead up top, 16L poly @ 52lbs = 12.68oz

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