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Yes but wouldn't you say Fed had an excellent shot at winning 2008 AO and 2011 AO titles if Novak hadn't beaten him there? So he almost damaged Fed's career as much as he did Nadal's, the difference is one slam basically and as crazy as it may sound at this point, I still would have given Fed a shot against Nadal in 2011 USO if not for Novak (not in 2010 obviously), maybe 20-30% chance at most but still a chance.
That is true, other than a couple more hard court majors really doesnt add much to Federer at this point. He is already considered the overall hard court GOAT. Whereas Nadal kept Federer from being a top 5 clay courter of all time, an insurmoutnable forever slam record of 24 or more slams, and created a stigma about Federer's career. Yes though I see your point, Djokovic has probably cost both Federer and Nadal several majors.

I also agree Federer had a decent chance vs Nadal in the 2011 U.S Open final, 30-40% I would say, although Nadal would still be thrilled to face Federer in the final and not Novak. The ironic part about your 2010 obviously not is that most ****s on this forum believe Federer would have beaten Nadal even in 2010 (completely delusional and ridiculous I know but that is their reality apparently). It is nice to talk to a sane Federer fan for once.
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