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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
Not necessary 1993, that was a QF. 1999, definitely.
Yeah... had Agassi beaten Sampras he wasn't anything close to being a sure-thing versus Becker and then Courier. Courier had won the Aussie Open and then been a French Open finalist that year... He was still a force - and a bigger one than Agassi - having beaten Agassi on every occasion they'd played since the 1990 French Open over three years earlier.

Agassi hadn't even played the first two majors of 1993 and was beginning his plummet in the rankings. In the following 4 majors he never made it past the 4th round.

In short - the likelihood of him having won in 93 if he'd beaten Sampras was bordering on nil imo.
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