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Regarding 1993, it is true Courier owned Agassi, but all those matches were either on clay where prime Courier was better anyway, medium to fast hard courts which was a neutral meeting point, or indoors which was also a neutral meeting point for them. Had they met on rebound ace, Agassi`s best surface, or grass, Courier`s worst by far, I think Agassi would always have a decent chance.

As for Becker, Becker is Agassi`s lapdog and Agassi is just the ultimate nightmare matchup for him, even more than Sampras whose main edge was he did everything just a bit better than Becker. Even when Becker beat Agassi in 1995 it was seen as an enormous upset, and it probably wouldnt have happened twice in a relatively short span, not even on the grass Becker was legendary.
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