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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
did he spin it to the inside, outside or use each side in different situations?
His other side spins were of the Cheetah quality. By now I have enough experience to time them properly and the eyes can follow the ball without blur.

This one was what you would call an inside one I suppose. A right-handed forehand topspin would curve to the server's left after bounce - this one curved to his right (and into my backhand). I thought I got it and was totally fooled.

To add to the confusion, this junior is pretty unique. He (and his father) use a Battistone racket (the one with 2 handles). He has several variants - one hand on one handle, two on 2 handles, and their forehand and backhand variants. In addition, he also sometimes uses a left handed forehand as his backhand - and its single handle and double handle variations! It is like you are watching a juggler in action. I think very few will have this experience in their lifetime. The severest top and side spin come when he swings viciously with one hand on each handle of the racket.
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